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Neesh Foods is about finding the best food in the world and sharing the story of it’s production with the consumers, and the story of those consumers with the farmers who grow it. It’s about highlighting the story that we have always known and always felt so familiar with. That story is about creating relationships, trust and a greater connection to each other. Follow us and we’ll show you why food is more than just a meal…

We have such an amazing environment in Australia to grow the best food in the world. Rich and fertile soils being maintained by farmers who have a deep understanding of it. It’s this kind of amazing story we want to share to everybody.

Our Roots

3 Families with a deep connection to Australian Agriculture wanted to turn “commodity into culture” by searching for, and promoting foods which provide something more to the consumer.


Our Products

Neesh Foods is working closely with farmers, researchers and industry all across Australia and the world, to bring you a growing range of foods which we know you’re going to love as much as we do.


from little things, big things grow